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    How soon does/can Implantation occur?

    I was just wondering how soon implantation can occur? I ovulated between July 14- July 18. We started having sex everyday from July 11- July 16. I normally ovulate on the 14th-15th since I have the worse cramps and pains. Almost to the point the feel nauseous. It has been like that since I was a young girl. But it is now only July 21, so I was wondering if our efforts paid off this month and how soon does implantation happen or is best to deal with the waiting game and wait for my period to come which is scheduled for July 30?

    I know I should just relax but I really hate this waiting game. It drives me insane. Any advice on your experiences or information you know will be greatly appreciated.
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    I think 7 - 10 days is most common? Even so, a pregnancy test would still take some time after that to read positive. It's most productive to start testing around 12 DPO (days past ovulation) and since you are unsure, probably starting July 18th. Which would put you at the 30th
    Fertility FRiend has a lot of helpful info and a free trial that helps you track ovulation and whatnot more specifically, if you're interested. I used it to conceive all 3 babies.
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    I had implantation bleeding and cramps about 3 or 4 days after my missed period with my first daughter. Thought it was my period at first until it stopped! My first symptom before that was extreme exhaustion.

    My first one was an accident and we only had sec once without protection. I am afraid now that we are trying again it won't be so easy, and we really want an April/May baby because of our jobs. I'm sure in a couple weeks I'm going to be worrying too! Trying to relax is easier said than done!
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    caitypete- I figured it would be to soon tell. Woman who I talked to only knew they were because their period was late. I just wish the symptoms were not so similar to period symptoms since I get all of those symptoms. Thank you for the info about fertility friend. If we do not conceive this time or the next 2 times then i will definitely look into it.

    stephykneejo- The only symptoms I am feeling are bloaty, crampy and very very overly sensitive to everything. Like almost over reacting to stupid things. Crying one moment fine the next. And I never have that happen unless it is like 2-3 days before my expected period. So I am going to have to play the waiting game. I hope it is easy again for you with number 2!
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    Six days is really the earliest the egg can implant, but for most women it's later than that. I'd suggest the earliest you could test would be July 24, but there's a good chance of a false negative! The egg needs to have been implanted for a few days before pregnancy can be detected, so that's why 10DPO is really the earliest you can test. You'd get a more reliable result if you waited until July 28, but I know it's really hard to wait! Good luck
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