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    Trying to decide on a boys name with just a few weeks to go

    We're trying to decide on a boy's name and are running out of time! We have two girls whose names are Finley and Eliza. Mason will be the middle name (as it is a family name). The names we are considering: Penn, Sawyer, Charlie, Felix and Carter (also a family name). Any thoughts or inspiration?

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    I think all your names go nicely with your girls names. So, just to be picky, I'd throw out Charlie bc with Finley as a DD name, you might think girl for Charlie as well. I'd throw out Felix for the matching initial with Finley. Leaving Carter, Sawyer and Penn. And since Finley is a more unusual choice for a girl, I'd go with Penn as a more unusual boy choice
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    With the spunky duo of Finley and Eliza, my first choice would be Sawyer. I don't know if two occupational names is ideal though (Sawyer Mason). If you don't mind it, that would be my pick! I love Felix but it shares an initial with Finley. Charlie Mason sounds like Charles Manson! Yikes.I'm not a fan of Carter or Penn as first names.
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    I like Felix Mason best. I like the name Penn but I dont think it goes so well with Mason. Charlie Mason is too close to Charles Manson so thats a big no imo. Sawyer and Carter are too occupation heavy with Mason.

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    I love Penn! Penn Mason sounds like a handsome, courageous little guy.

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