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    Thoughts on this sibling group appreciated

    Hi! Could please offer me some feedback on this possible sibling group:

    Bram Everett
    Milo Edward
    Elsa Romilly
    Jane Louisa

    Bram - Milo - Elsa - Jane


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    Bram Everett -I'm not a fan of the name Bram I prefer Bramwell. But I do love Everett. (Perhaps Beau, Basil, Blaise)
    Milo Edward -This is a great combo. Some other suggestions (Matteo, Max, Miles)
    Elsa Romilly -Out of the 4 this is my favorite!!
    Jane Louisa -Lovely classic
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    They make a good sibset. The only thing I don't like is that Bram and Milo have the same middle initial, with the same Eh- 1st syllable. Personally I would want them each to have their own 1st and 2nd initial. Not sure which one you might be more attached to, but a few ideas:

    Bram Everett & Milo Vincent
    Bram Theodore & Milo Sebastian
    Bram Edward & Milo Francis
    Bram Spencer & Milo Everett

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    I like Bram, Elsa, and Jane together, but I'm not feeling Milo for some reason. The other names have more weight to them, I guess. Milo also seems trendier.
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    Bram Everett- I prefer Bramwell too or Bramley but love Bram Everett together, beautiful!
    Milo Edward- This is so cute and goes perfectly with Bram. Edison is a good twist on Edward but I like how you've mixed styles.
    Elsa Romilly- My favourite out of your list! :-) Elsie is preferable for me but these two go together in a lovely fashion. Juniper is also a similar yet unique name.
    Jane Louisa- This isn't my style. It is rather plain and simple for my tastes
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