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    What are some beautiful French last names for my chraracters?

    Hello berries,
    You have always been so helpful to each other on this board and I wonder if I could have a little of your help too.
    I am seeking a last name for my characters, a family of four: a mother, a father and two sisters. Parents are called Simone and Olivier/Marcel - I haven't decided yet on dad's name so please choose the most appealing one or suggest others if you don't like those. Teen daughters are Oliviene (olive-yeah-n, with soft "n") and Oceane.
    They live in Quebec, Canada and are of French origin so I need a chic Frech last name. I have been playing with simple ones like Rousseau and Laurent but they don't sound very chick and don't exactly fit the criteria so I doubt I will use one of them.
    If some of you ladies can come up if last name suggestions, that would be great because I am always at loss for them. Link to the surname resource would be nice too.
    Thank you for your time and replies!
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    Bilodeau is all I can think of... Because of Canadian actor Jean-Luc..
    *gina danielle*

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    I have recently been playing around with French names too and I am partial to Rousseau (but you mentioned that already and I agree, it doesn't quite mesh well with your names).

    I also like Durand, Baptiste, Lafontaine, Lefevre, Garnier, Duval, and Reneux (Renaud).

    You can find a pretty nice list here: Behind the Name: Most Common Surnames in France

    Also - pardon me if something doesn't look right. This is my first nameberry forum post ever!

    (by the way, I can't figure out how to make a signature...)

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    Thanks berries!
    @issymforsythe, I like Durand, Lafontaine and Renaud.
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    Click there and you'll be able to make your signature here.
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    This page will be helpful to you - it's a list of the most common surnames in Quebec. They are quite different from the most common surnames in France, since the French who immigrated here were but a small subset of the total population of France so different names proliferated.

    These are some of the more fanciful ones you might like:


    Edited to add: Re-reading your description, I'm not clear on whether your characters are recent immigrants from France, or are supposed to be from Quebec with French ancestry. Obviously the names I'm suggesting would be better for characters whose families have been in Quebec for several generations.
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