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    Pandora...mildly name related

    I know a lot of people on her like Pandora so I thought I'd share the latest instance of it being used. They recently discovered new viruses, the largest ever discovered, and named them Pandora.

    Giant viruses open Pandora's box : Nature News & Comment

    I just thought it was interesting. Would this ruin the name for any of you? -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I wasn't crazy about Pandora before this news so it only taints it even further. Pandora's box and the jewellery brand aren't great associations for me either.
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    Pandora's box is why I don't like the name. Otherwise, it would be pretty. Well, maybe I'd avoid it for the internet radio too (but probably not)

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    Pandora's box also kills it for me but this alone would give me pause. In a few years, who is to say this isn't going to be something everyone talks about and associates with death and illness? No thanks, although Pandora is lovely. It's a shame.
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    I never liked Pandora because of the Pandora's box thing. This name is too heavy and tainted for a child.

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