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    I will start with my least favorite because that seems easier for some reason:

    Tobias: I have no idea why, but this name makes me think of some creepy obviously not a good association!
    Malcolm: It has violent connotations.
    Hamish: I don't see the appeal in this trendy name. It just sounds silly to me.
    Damon: Sounds like demon.
    Damian: Again, sounds like demon.

    This is the hard part (I like too many of the names on your list a lot)!

    Bertram (nn. Bram): This one is just adorable (especially the nn). I had a professor named Bertram (went by "Bert") who passed away. He was a very nice man.
    Nissa -- Elsa -- Rauha -- Karolina/Karoliina -- Melina -- Lucia -- Saoirse -- Dagny -- Rosemary -- Lydia -- Grace/Gracia -- Teresa -- Eleanora -- Kirsten "Kirsi"

    Einar -- Bjorn -- Ragnar -- Leif -- Pavel "Pasha" -- Soren -- Ruben -- Finn -- Alarik -- Felix -- Daniel -- Brooks -- Dmitri "Dima" -- Kristoffer "Risto" -- Elessar -- Illarion

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    expecting a wee one in november
    finnegan alexander michael mary fiona katherine

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