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Thread: Julissa?

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    What do you berries think of this name? I just heard it for the first time a few days ago. It really does not fit in with the names on my list, but it just sounds pleasing to my ears. Have you encountered this name before?
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    -issa names have a dated feel to me, Alyssa, Melissa, Marisa. They feel very 80s/90s to me. Julissa is a bit set apart from those though. It makes me think of a Julie/Alyssa smoosh, I am not that into either of those names, but Julissa is better than both. I picture a pretty Latina girl. I immediately think of a teenager though, it's harder to picture a baby. Not my taste, but it is distinctive and I think it will age well. It's unique without being confusing or unheard of. It's special & different but still down-to-earth. It's a solid choice really.

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    I also picture a Latina girl. I'm from an area with a higher Hispanic population, and I hear that one a lot.
    I've only ever heard it pronounced like You-Lisa, and am not the biggest fan honestly.
    Out of all the -issa suffix names though, I do like this one the best.

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    Like Elissa better... just because literary connection.
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    NMS, I agree that it sounds very Smoosh-ish. Somehow it also feels dated, as pps have said - I hear Janessa.

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