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    Weird about the ultrasound, but I guess the policy might make sense in the case of babies in distress. Hunt down an ob or nurse-midwife, and do what you can to take care of the uti, because it can't hurt to get things healthier in the general vicinity, right? If you're leery of antibiotics, at least drink tons of water and unsweetened cranberry juice. If your uti has been severe and persistent though, you might consider the antibiotics. Sorry I can't offer any real advice. I wish you luck finding someone who can!

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    They gave me bactrim ds which is pretty strong. Unfortunately I don't know how long I've had the uti because I don't get symptoms until they are pretty bad. I have a referral for some obs so I will try to get in to see one ASAP. I'm also considering moving back to my home town where I have family in neonatal medicine and an excellent childrens hospital, I know it sounds severe but this was only a short term move anyway. Thank you for your kind thoughts I'm hoping its nothing to worry about but its still scary.

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    Good luck hootowl - I hope you are able to see an OB soon.

    I'm not a medical professional, but from what it sounds like "threatened miscarriage" is a term that I've only heard used when the cervix is open. (I think). So they should have given you some orders for bedrest and after-care and a follow-up visit to check on that situation. Has the spotting stopped or changed at all? Cramps any different? Was your blood pressure high?

    The encouraging thing is that the baby was moving and heartbeat was strong. What you are describing with the placenta/blood near it could be from a few things. Did they give any indication of you having a low lying placenta or a placenta totally or partially covering the cervix? (Placenta previa) or maybe a minor subchorionic hemorrhage (which is sorta like a placenta abruption, but occurs earlier in the pregnancy where it's not as life threatening - the placenta can re-attach and/or the clot can disappear with rest and time.

    Again, hope you are doing better after the antibiotics and some rest and I do hope you get some more definite answers soon.
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    Thank you crunchymama. No they didnt say anything about the placement of the placenta or my cervix which I would think they would mention if there was a problem or abnormality. But im not sure. No my blood pressure was very low actually in the 70 over 40 range I alway run low but that is low even for me. And the cramping and spotting have stopped

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    Definitely take the antibiotics. My SIL nearly had my nephew ten weeks early because of a UTI. It caused her to start having contractions but after the UTI cleared up she carried him until the day before her due date. Glad the cramps and spotting have stopped. Hope things continue to improve.
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