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    How you think about ..

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    My favorite is either:

    Ximena Matilda - Ximena is so pretty-sounding and unusual. Matilda is strong and classic.
    Alessandra Noel - It sounds very feminine but not in a prissy way. I love Noel.
    Sophie Josephine - Sweet and simple!
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    Behati Rose - i really like this! some people say it is pronounced bay-hot-ee, but i think (and prefer) bay-yot-ee
    Alessandra Noel - Love!! I think it would be better with another middle name, but I love the first. (although i may be biased because this is my best friend's name) nn alessa is great!
    London Alexandra - not really my favorite
    Collins Sophia - i am all for unisex names, but this one seems a bit too much. it might be because this seems like such a last name though
    Ximena Matilda - not a fan
    Harper Annabelle - cute, but not my favorite
    Riley Phoenix - looooooooove the first name! I would do a little bit of a more girly middle name though
    Savannah Maxwell - cute
    Poppy Lilibeth- too cutesy for me
    Seraphina Blue - i really dislike seraphina, but the middle name blue is cute
    Quinn Elsbeth - i like quinn a lot! may flow better with a 3 syllable mn
    JSophie Josephine - okay
    Olivette Marie- i prefer olive

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    Behati Rose - Behati is too confusing.
    Alessandra Noel - Alessandra is lovely but if you're not Italian it may raise some eyebrows. Don't love Noel because of the No sound.
    London Alexandra - London is too trendy for my taste.
    Collins Sophia - Collins is a drink...unless it's a family name I'm not sure why you'd put it in first place. Middle maybe. Sophia Collins is great.
    Ximena Matilda - Love both names but they are a little rhymey
    Harper Annabelle - Don't love Harper but this has good flow and I can't really fault it.
    Riley Phoenix - 2-2 rhythm and too much unisex for me.
    Savannah Maxwell - Savannah's pretty but sort of tired. Maxwell is a boy's name unless you're using it for family.
    Poppy Lilibeth - too much flower
    Seraphina Blue - too much celebrity baby.
    Quinn Elsbeth - These are both nice but this is a lot of Queen Elizabeth.
    Sophie Josephine - These are both very nice names but they sound a lot like each other
    Olivette Marie - my favorite! LOVE Olivette! Love the Frenchiness of Olivette Marie! Love initials OM! Lovely : D.

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    Behati Rose- fall in love with Behati the first time I heard about it. Won't use it myself but will always adore it.
    Alessandra Noel- pretty!
    London Alexandra- London's not my fav, especially for girls.
    Collins Sophia- prefer Siphia Collins
    Ximena Matilda- I like both name but not sure about the combo
    Harper Annabelle- won't pair Harper with Annabelle
    Riley Phoenix- ok
    Savannah Maxwell- pretty
    Poppy Lilibeth- Lilibeth is a nn for me. Too cutesy.
    Seraphina Blue- Nope.
    Quinn Elsbeth- remind me to Queen Elizabeth
    Sophie Josephine- love both name, but won't pair them.
    Olivette Marie- pretty!
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