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    What do you think of these combos? Lacking love

    I am just not falling in love with our girl names. I loved them up until my boyfriend said no to double middles which totally turned me off to these new chosen combos. Plus I feel all the names I seem to be drawn to are too popular or is that just NB world? What do you think of these combos so far? I am not in love with any of these like our boy names. Last name is 3 syllables. Maybe having some feedback will help and it would be greatly appreciated.

    Willa Marie
    Hazel Serafina
    Petal Isadora
    Petal Anastasia
    Penelope Juliet

    Side note: Juliet & Marie are family names.

    Thanks in advance.
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    My favorite is Anastasia. Then Hazel, Isadora, Serafina. Willa and Penelope are lovely too, but if you need a reason to narrow down, Penelope is rising quickly in the charts and Willa is very close to the popular Willow (like Will Smith's kid.)
    I vote for a family name in the middle.

    Anastasia Marie (nn "Starry" from anaSTAsia maRIE!)
    Anastasia Juliet
    Hazel Marie
    Hazel Marietta
    Isadora Marie
    Serafina Juliet
    Serafina Marie

    I'm into smoosh-nicknames lately.
    Hazel Isadora - "Zora"

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    I love Penelope Juliet! I like Emma's suggestion of Anastasia Marie, too. I think it's a beautiful combination. As much as I love double middles, I think sometimes they can overwhelm the names, if you get what I mean. Like, they can sometimes seem unnecessary, as though you're trying too hard. That's one way to think about things if you're bummed you can't use two middle names.
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    So this is where the thread ended up! I had no idea it posted in here I literally thought it disappeared. hahah I feel stupid now. Thanks for chiming in Sarah and Emma even though I totally posted it in the wrong spot.

    Emma- I would love Anastasia in the front spot and I love the combo you mentioned! The nn is so stinkin' cute, my fear is people will call her Ana instead and I dislike obvious nick names. I like ones like how you mentioned Starry. I did just add Hazel Isadora to the list and Hazel Marie as well! Love how you are smooshing names!

    Sarah- totally posted in the wrong place lol, Thank you! I agree after writing them down and with our 3 syllable last name I gave in and decided one middle it shall be!
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