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    I like Sloane Regina the best, for flow reasons, and because Regina's peppier letter sounds balance out the sounds in Sloane.
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    I actually like Sloane. I don't like middle name choices though. I don't know if you're set on family names but I think something like Sloane Elizabeth or Sloane Alexandria sounds better. Out of your choices I would go with Sloane Amelia.

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    My choice is Sloane Regina. As beautiful as Sloane Amelia sounds....if you say it too often it begins to blend together. By the way, Sloane is a great name (we named our daughter Sloane Frances 4 years ago). She always receives compliments for how unique and uncommon her name is. When I was trying to select her middle name, I really loved Sloane Esme, but ended up not going with it because the first and middle name blended together too much. Hope this makes sense.

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    I love Sloane Regina and I like Sloane Amelia. I also second the suggestion of Sloane Katrina, a pretty and unique way to honor your mom.

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    I'm a big fan of names with separate sounds, so my favorite is Sloane Regina.
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