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    Anyone else love Rider Strong even more now? (Indigo Baretto)

    What do you all think of Alexandra Baretto and Rider Strongs' name choice? As you can guess from the title, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Rider Strong was one of my first crushes when I was little (and btw he still looks pretty darn fine!) I thought his name was interesting as well. Today I am just tickled to see they chose Indigo for a son! It is in our top 2 for boys and it is so cool to see people using it for a boy!
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    I think Indigo Baretto is a beautiful name . Unusual & unuexpected without being over the top .

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    I think they've made a fantastic choice, definitely one of the best celebrity names for a long time.

    I love seeing mom's surname in there as a middle name, I like that kind of thing, as long as the surname works which Baretto really does.
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    I can't say I love the name, but I have always loved Rider Strong (a.k.a. Shawn Hunter ) I do adore maiden name middles for first-born sons.
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    I follow celebrity name thread and I found lots of nice names there. Don't like Indigo Baretto.

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