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    I think it's wrong that...

    I think it's so very wrong that reporters go through birth records to release the name of celebrities' children and other birth details. How disgusting! Celebrities keep the name of their child a secret for the sake of the child's privacy. If they don't want to share the name so be it! move on and get a life. They deserve to get sued.
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    I agree. But apparently celebrities don't have a right to privacy. It's disgusting.
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    It is a little gross but someone told me that birth certificates are public record.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klutzy_girl View Post
    It is a little gross but someone told me that birth certificates are public record.
    In some states they are, in others they aren't. For example where I live (in Oklahoma) they're open to the public only after the individual would be 125 years old (and almost certainly dead).

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    Celebrities did choose to lead a very public life, and even though the children involved don't have a choice, it really is the parents fault.
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