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    A Simple Family CAF with namebanks

    Based on a swedish royal family whom lived in the 15th century, with modern names

    LN: Your choice

    DH: Alfred, Arthur, Charles, Edward, Frederick, Henry, James, Jasper, John, Leopold, Nicholas, Philip, Richard, Robert, Thomas, Victor
    DW: Agatha, Alice, Anne, Beatrice, Caroline, Catherine, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Helen, Louisa, Maud, Sophia, Victoria

    DS: Abel, Archer, Beckett, Bentley, Colt, Declan, Emerson, Everett, Greyson, Jax, Kellen, Kieran, Liam, Miles, Ronan, Theodore
    DS: Asher, Axel, Dashiell, Duke, Dexter, Hugo, Kai, Kingston, Lennon, Lionel, Magnus, Oscar, Roman, Roscoe, Sebastian, Sullivan
    DD: Alexa, Arabella, Ava, Brooke, Camilla, Chloe, Delilah, Eden, Georgia, Grace, Isabella, Jasmine, Lila, Scarlett, Serena, Willow
    DD: Allegra, Amelia, Anna, Bella, Celia, Claire, Clementine, Daisy, Eleanor, Fiona, Frances, Gemma, India, Madeleine, Sasha, Zoe
    DS: Amory, Atticus, Barnaby, Caspar, Chance, Darl, Dorian, Holden, Jarvis, Jude, Mingus, Quillen, Sawyer, Silas, Tristan, Wolf
    DS: Adalius, Austin, Bo, Branch, Brooks, Cooper, Deion, Evander, Garvey, Hunter, Jackson, Jordan, Lennox, Payton, Rio, West
    DD: Adelaide, Adeline, Aria, Bristol, Cecilia, Cora, Daphne, Elliana, Evangeline, Hazel, Isla, Ivy, Lucia, Paisley, Pearl, Ruby, Stella
    DS: Amias, Azaiah, Birch, Breccan, Caleb, Crispin, Fergus, Hamish, Homer, Jedidiah, Lorcan, Malachy, Parker, Thelonius, Zebulon
    DD: Arden, Audrey, Ava, Bridget, Clara, Dorothea, Eliza, Emma, Faith, Felicity, Helena, Jospehine, Maisie, Olivia, Rose, Violet
    DD: Adira, Amabel, Annora, Branwen, Cicely, Cornelia, Electra, Fleur, Genevieve, Lucienne, Lux, Saskia, Tulip, Vienna, Zinnia
    DS: Aidan, Alastair, Calvin, Christian, Colin, Dominic, Elias, Emmett, Ezra, Felix, Flynn, Gabriel, Hudson, Jack, Levi, Malcolm, Owen

    Feel free to add pets, ages, personality traits and other details about your family. Have fun!
    Name obsessed. Simple as that. Classic, vintage, modern, & biblical names are definitely my cup of tea.

    Favorite name combos for girls RIGHT NOW
    Clemence Violet*Audrey Elisabeth*Phoebe Victoria*Stella Marguerite*Charlotte Mary*Beatrix Jane

    Favorite name combos for boys RIGHT NOW
    James Henry*Sebastian Charles*Caleb James*William Lars*Alexander John*Owen Nicholas*Isaiah Paul

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    Dani mum to My little dude Bailey & my little minx Liberty
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    Phoenix, Elijah, Zeke, Logan

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    Husband: Richard Henry Parker (Rick, 47)
    Wife: Agatha Anne Parker (Aggie, 42)
    1st Son: Greyson Liam Parker (17)
    2nd Son: Dashiell Kai Parker (Dash, 15)
    1st Daughter: Chloe Delilah Parker (11)
    2nd Daughter: India Madeleine Parker (10)
    3rd Son: Holden Chance Parker (8)
    4th Son: Austin Lennox Parker (7)
    3rd Daughter: Cora Adelaide Parker (6)
    5th Son: Amias Caleb Parker (5)
    4th Daughter: Ava Josephine (3)
    5th Daughter: Annora Amabel (Nora, 18 months)
    6th Son: Ezra Gabriel Parker (Newborn)

    Greyson, Dash, Chloe, India, Holden, Austin, Cora, Amias, Ava, Nora & Ezra
    What's in a Name? That Which We Call a Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet.
    -William Shakespeare-

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