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    Charlotte Beatrice and Gabriel Brian are my favorites!
    Have you thought of Elodie instead of Eloise, or even Louisa?
    Anastasia Pearl, Caroline Audrey, Catherine Maeve,
    Elizabeth Jane, Grace Charlotte, Rose Genevieve

    Benjamin Clark, Jack Ronan, James Frederick,
    Liam David, Luke Alexander, Patrick Elliot

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    Quote Originally Posted by katie2786 View Post
    I agree with Lilah, but I can't get over the "Delilah from the Bible" comments I hear. Cora is my second runner up, but I need more ideas for middle name combos. Cora Rosalie and Cora Francesca?
    I don’t know who Delilah is in the bible, but I’m assuming she’s not a good person… I can’t think of any other ways to get Lilah, but Lilah alone is pretty and should be fine if you don’t want associations with biblical Delilah.

    I like Cora Francesca better than Cora Rosalie (the –ra followed by ro- is a bit of a mouthful). I like Cora Jane. Other middles you might like for Cora are Cecile, Maeve, Violet, June, Louise, Lucille, Ivy, Penelope, Faith, and Frances (less rhymey than Francesca).

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    I like
    Charlotte Beatrice
    Hannah Caroline best.
    As for Lulu I like Lucia pronounced with Lu-chi-a would be nice with Noise. Lucia Noise.

    For boys I like

    Good Luck!

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    I have bolded the names that are a 5 to me.
    Charlotte Beatrice 5 lovely name
    Charlotte Cora 1
    Charlotte Sophie 4 : Charlotte Sophia sounds better to my ears, this would have been a 5
    Cora Beatrice: not a fan of Cora "noise"
    Lyra Beatrice: 3
    Lilah Seraphine: 5 but prefer Lila Seraphine, I think it looks nicer
    Lilah Caroline: 3
    Poppy Caroline: 1 not a fan of Poppy as a full name
    India Catherine: agree with mischa on this one
    Cecile "Cece" Marie: 5
    Hannah Jane: 1
    Hannah Caroline: 2

    Girl Suggestions:
    Annabel, Adelaide, Bianca, Cecily, Celia, Carys, Elena, Elara, Julia, Lucienne (nn Lulu), Leonie, Lillian/Liliana, Mila, Miriam (nn Miri), Violet, Zara

    Boys- Dad's name is Brian, so I'd love to use that too.

    Everett Calvin: Everett Brian is a 5! For some reason I think it flows better than Calvin in the mn
    Malcolm David: 4 Malcolm Brian sounds good too
    Charles David: 2 Classic names but missing something
    Eli Shepherd: 5
    Henry Brian: 5
    Gabriel Brian
    Theodore "Theo" Lee: Love Theodore and Theo but Theo Noise doesn't sound great
    Leo Ignatius : same as Theodore

    Good Luck!
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    5 -- Poppy Caroline, Charlotte Beatrice/Cora Beatrice (not usually a fan of Beatrice, but since it's a family name I think these two flow very nicely), Malcolm David
    4 -- India Catherine, Theodore Lee
    3 -- Lilah Seraphine, Everett Calvin, Eli Shepherd, Gabriel Brian, Leo Ignatius
    2 -- Lila Caroline, Cecile Marie, Charles David, Henry Brian
    1 -- Charlotte Cora/Charlotte Sophie (really like the names, but I don't think these two flow very well), Lyra Beatrice, Hannah Jane, Hannah Caroline

    Favorite sibsets:
    Poppy Caroline and Theodore (Theo) Lee
    Poppy Caroline and Charlotte Beatrice
    Malcolm David and Everett Calvin

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