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    For a girl, it's definitely Alice.

    For a boy, it's Henry.

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    I've loved the name Owen since fifth grade. I will never not like it. I can't see myself naming my son Owen, but I will forever love it. For girls, my first story character was named Adriana. Even though I don't love it anymore, I can't let it go. It will forever be in my heart, but I will most likely not ever use it. Tessa, Helena, & Thalia have been consistently at the top of my list for a long time. My boys list has never been consistent because I don't like boys names as much.
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    Current Favorites:
    | Zoe | Selene | Thalia | Persephone | Ariadne | Lilia | Natalia | Nicoletta | Jane | Alice |

    | Dimitri | Augustus | Jude | Nico | Tobias | Samuel | Orion | Leo | James | Jason |

    | Artemis | Cassandra | Cleo | Elizabeth | Miriam | Susannah | Sylvia | Thaddeus |

    | Thisbe | Cassiopeia | Briseis | Mercy | Lachlan | Emerson | Callum | Owen |

    Have a fabulous day!

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    Right now I am changing my mind every day (and since I am not pregnant- no big deal) Right I love
    Carleton ~I may not use it as it only works with certain last names. Still I really like it!
    Stephan (pronounced Stefan) love this one.
    Winslow top middle name choice and family name. will use if I have a son.

    A lot of my top girls are getting popular and making me rethink them. (such as my favorite Adelaide)
    Genevieve I would use this to honor a Jennifer.
    Rosalie Probably won't use since my cousin has a Rosemary. (But I might change my mind)
    Sage ( probably won't use for reason above)
    Renate/Renata A name I probably would use. I think it should be more popular with nickname Ren.

    Good Luck!

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    This might sound corny but my two favorite names since forever have been my parents names...Michael and Julia. I think they both sound very classy.

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    Connor and Ciara have been my favorite girl and boy names for about 10 years.

    I have also consistently loved Morgan, Logan, Ethan, Miles, and Jesse for boys, as well as Eva, Leah, Molly, and Jessie for girls.

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