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    My absolute favorite name ever is my daughter's name Mary Claire. I had a doll with that name when I was little so I've loved it for a very long time. For boy's names now I would say Patrick but when I was younger I really loved Alexander however it's so popular and not just in an abstract way but in a we know a lot of little boys with the name so we won't be using it. I've always loved Elizabeth for a girl but my husband has some bad connections with that name so we won't ever use it.
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    Genevieve. There is something magical about the name for me, and I have loved it since middle school.
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    Alaire! (For a boy). But I fall in and out of love with names, and this one is fairly recent. I 've loved Zoe for awhile, though : )
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    For a girl, it's definitely Alice.

    For a boy, it's Henry.

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