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    I love just Kate!

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    Ah, excellent. My name is Katherine but everyone has always called me Kate. I have always wished my parents just named me Kate. I don't identify with the name Katherine at all. Kate fits me very well, but Katherine does not. I don't like having to correct people (at school and official stuff). It just seems unnecessary when my parents wanted to call me Kate all along. My mom wanted me to have a longer name in case I ever wanted to become president or something. But the thing is, Kate is a perfectly classic and professional name. I'm a law student and recently made the decision to have Kate be the name on my resume. There's no use using a name that isn't me for interviews just so I can tell them to actually call me Kate. There are other law students with way weirder names and, especially with the popularity of Princess Kate, Kate feels regal and professional in the office and classic and fun while with friends. GO FOR IT.

    And while we're on the subject of the name Kate, you should definitely go for it. There were a lot of Kates that I grew up with and then I moved away and haven't met any. Having other kids with that name never affected my love for it. I've always loved my name because I felt like it fit me, it was spunky, strong, and stylish. It also fits a lot of different kinds of people.

    I also did know a just plain Kate. I think she liked it.
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    I think Kate sounds complete on its own and would be fine, but stripedsocks brings up a good point.
    I would probably go for it.
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    Thanks everyone!! My first daughter's name is Claire. Might sound too similar. We are considering a couple of other names (Annabel nn Annie or just Anna). I was going to put Kate in the middle spot but do really like it and realized its a possible contender. Only problem is I have a good friend named Katy and a friend who recently named her baby Katherine nn Kate (don't see her much though). I swear I'm changing my mind once a week on this poor baby's name!

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    I think Kate is a great name and could definitely stand alone, but I do think that having a longer name would add more versatility (if your daughter decides she'd like a different nickname, if in the future Kate would go out of fashion, etc.).

    Names other than Catherine that could have the nickname Kate:
    Katlyn (or any other spelling variation)

    P.S. I think if you did choose to use Kate in the middle spot it would sound great all by itself
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