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    Freya Cecily - This is an all round lovely combo. Freya has grown on me, and all the little Freya's I've come across make me love the name even more.
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    Freya Cecily- love it.
    Leda Romilly- pretty and unique.
    Elena Melusine- Nice combo
    Arcadia Elise- love
    Elodie Arcadia- neutral
    Emma Romilly- neutral
    Rosalind Melusine- dislike the flow
    Arcadia Melody- pretty
    Eva Rosalind- like
    Ava Daphne- like
    Emma Melusine- like
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    Oh, I love Leda. I do not feel the same for Romilly, but they do sound nice together.
    Elodie is great too, but then again, I don't like Arcadia.

    Overall, I think the best name is Eva Rosalind. I'm not crazy for either, but they sound nice together.
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    Would anyone else share his/hers opinion?
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    Eva Rosalind. Eva is my favorite first name from the list, and the flow with Rosalind is wonderful!

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