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    UPDATE: El sounding names, which is the loveliest?

    What do you think of this update? Which is your favorite and why? It's not too long.

    I would appreciate your help.

    Freya Cecily
    Leda Romilly
    Elena Melusine
    Arcadia Elise
    Elodie Arcadia
    Emma Romilly
    Rosalind Melusine
    Arcadia Melody
    Eva Rosalind
    Ava Daphne
    Emma Melusine

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    Wow, I love so many of these! Here are my favorites and why:

    Freya Cecily - Mythical yet dainty

    Elena Melusine - Rolls off the tongue nicely - polished and mysterious

    Elodie Arcadia - Just love the way it sounds!

    Arcadia Melody - Probably my favorite, but I am very partial to Arcadia as a first name
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    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    So many great ones !

    Freya Cecily : lovely combo ,not so keen on freya but they are beautiful together
    Leda Romilly : my least favorite combo .Romily is great ,Leda not so much .
    Elena Melusine : beautiful combo .Love it
    Arcadia Elise : propably mt favorite .Arcadia is stunning
    Elodie Arcadia : okay combo not my favorite prpably because of Elodie
    Emma Romilly : i dont like the double m sound
    Rosalind Melusine : too long for my tastes
    Arcadia Melody : LOVE it
    Eva Rosalind : beautiful combo .simple but elegant
    Ava Daphne : i dont like it
    Emma Melusine : I dont like them together
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    Freya Cecily - I've never liked the name Freya, I grew up with an awful girl named Freya and despite the fact that I can get over the association I dislike the sound of the name. In all honesty I think Freya is unattractive. Cecily is gorgeous though, very elegant and sweet.

    Leda Romilly - I'm not keen on Leda I find her unattractive, and I've always found Romilly strange. So personally I'm not keen.

    Elena Melusine - I think Elena (pro. eh LAY nuh) is gorgeous, very dynamic and elegant. Elena has a lot of beauty and sounds perfect with Melusine the whole combination sounds strong and beautiful. I adore this name.

    Arcadia Elise - Hmm I'm unsure on Arcadia, yes she's dramatic and has a very edgy persona. But I just don't think the name works in 'real life' I prefer Acacia which has a similar feel but I think works better in the real world. Still Arcadia sounds great with Elise.

    Elodie Arcadia - In all honesty I dislike Elodie she sounds strange too me. Even though I like the vibe of this combination, I'm not really keen on Elodie however Arcadia is lovely and works in the middle name slot. Suggestion Cecily Arcadia?

    Emma Romilly - Okay Emma is popular but she's popular for a reason and I don't actually know an Emma under seven so for me this means Emma has died down concerning popularity. So I think she's great. Emma sounds wholesome and pretty. I dislike Romilly but I like the French vibe. What about Emma Colette?

    Rosalind Melusine - Rosalind is perfect, she sound so romantic has gorgeous literature connotations and has a very wholesome sound. I love the nicknames surrounding Rosalind such as Lindy, Rosie, Rose, Rosa, Rue, and Ali. I think Rosalind is a great choice and flows perfectly with Melusine. Great combination.

    Arcadia Melody - For me as I've already said I like Arcadia I think she sounds edgy but doesn't really work in real life. For me Arcadia is more of a middle name. I think Melody Arcadia works better.

    Eva Rosalind - Love the retro vibe of this combination! Eva is a delightful name, very spunky with a lot of beauty and edge. I honestly think Eva sounds so fresh and lovely. Eva flows wonderfully well with Rosalind creating a gorgeous combination. Eva Rosalind is just perfect. So romantic and beautiful.

    Ava Daphne - Ava is a great classic, she has a fresh old school Hollywood vibe. Yet I hate Daphne. Suggestion Ava Delphine?

    Emma Melusine - Ah very pretty, Emma Melusine has a very fresh natural feel.

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