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    Thoughts on Amelie?

    My mom and I were talking about Greece today, and she mentioned that her cousin, Angela, goes by Amelia (in Greek it is pronounce AH-me-leah) because in the church you have to go by your baptismal name, which has to be the name of a saint. I think that's what it is. So, I started thinking about Amelie, as it sounds like Ah-me-leah. What are your thoughts on Amelie? I'm a bit worried about pronunciation as I grew up with an unpronounceable name. Do you think the average person would be able to pronounce it right? Do you prefer Amelia, (normal pronunciation)?
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    My daughter is an Amelie and we pronounce it Ah-meh-lee, which is the only legit pn, as far a I'm away. I love her name and we have little/no pn issues. People have accidentally called her Amelia upon meeting her but when corrected we've rarely had a problem.

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    I think Amelie is more stylish than Amelia and far less popular. I don't think people will have pronunciation troubles with it.
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    Amelie is a gorgeous name and I don't think they will be many pronunciation problems.
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    I really like the name Amelie, I don't think people would pronounce it wrong as there are popular names in the UK with the same ending such as Emily and people pronounce them fine.
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