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    What about Gwyneth, Gwenda, Gwenllian or Gwenore/Guinevere? Maybe use Gwendolen as a middle name?
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    I think you could use Gwendolyn in the middle spot easily - sure, it's a bit rhymey but I personally like it. Then you could use a more unisex first name and follow a similar pattern to your other girls' names. Something like Bailey Gwendolyn Kenison, for example (I have to admit that unisex names are not really my thing for girl, but I do happen to like a few!

    I'm thinking that many unisex names end with an -an, -in, or -on ending, which also rhymes with your LN, so perhaps look for different endings?
    I searched through some lists and came up with the following:

    Lane (I think this one doesn't rhyme too much)

    If you really want to honor GG in the first name spot I agree that you could simply go with Gwen or a shorter variation (although, to be honest, the name Gwendolyn is one of my all-time favorites).
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    What about using your Grandmother's name as a middle name? You would still be honouring Grandma Gwendolyn but you could use a first name that actually works with Noa & Rorie.

    Willa Gwendolyn - Noa, Rorie, and Willa Kenison

    Peyton Gwendolyn - Noa, Rorie, and Peyton Kenison

    Emery Gwendolyn - Noa, Rorie, and Emery Kension

    Isis Gwendolyn - Noa, Rorie, and Isis Kension

    Tate Gwendolyn - Noa, Rorie, and Tate Kension

    Erica Gwendolyn - Noa, Rorie, and Erica Kension

    Lena Gwendolyn - Noa, Rorie, and Lena Kension

    Lila Gwendolyn - Noa, Rorie, and Lila Kension

    If not I would just use Gwen. As she honours Gwendolyn in the first name slot, but Gwen works far better with Noa and Rorie due to the names being really short and have a spunky feel. I think the names work well together.

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