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    Quote Originally Posted by casilayne View Post
    I like the extra 'n'. I think it looks more feminine. Of course, people will think of Jennifer Aniston, but she's a lovely, girl-next-door, all-American kind of lady. So, I think that it's not a bad connection at all
    At least, that's her image. I've heard less than stellar things about her real life though. :-/

    I'd look for something less invented (pretty much anything other than Anniston) to get your Ani- name. Lux Ania is stunning. Ania is pronounced the same as Anna. Together, the names have a beautiful meaning as well. Or, there's Aniela or Anila.
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    I actually quite like it. I like both spellings- not sure which one I prefer, though at the moment, it might be Anniston.
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    My first daughter's name is completely invented so that doesn't bother me either
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    I would go with Aniston because I think that is how most people will spell it. With Anniston I think you would always having to be correcting people.
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    Aniston is a major GP for me. I would never use it but it does have a nice sound. Personally I think Aniston looks sleeker but the double N would look better if Annie is the NN. I also think the Anniston spelling might be more intuitive because of the double D in Addison which is very similar.

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