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    Three names to choose from - which goes better with siblings?!

    Hi all!

    We currently have two children and we're going to start TTC no3 soon (must be mad)!

    DS is Daniel Patrick
    DD is Annabel Lily

    After countless arguments and faff over DD's name last year, we want to be organised before this new one is even a reality! We've got two good choices for boys nailed down, but we're really struggling for girls names.

    We have three names we really quite like, but just don't really know what goes best with our current DC's names (as a sort of sib-set). So any thoughts opinions on the matter would be gratefully received!!!

    The names are as follows:

    Bethany Rose
    Leah Poppy
    Rosalie Anne

    Thanks everyone!

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    Leah Poppy seems to go the most to me.
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    Daniel, Annabel and Bethany seems like natural sibset to me. Great choices!

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    I think the end of Annabel and the start of Bethany are too similar. I think Leah Poppy or Rosalie Anne would be lovely with Patrick and Annabel.

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