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Thread: Merit Vs Meret

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    I definitely prefer Merit, but that's only because I've never seen the name spelled like "Meret"

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    Wow... thanks for all the replies everyone. Sorry I couldn't get back sooner.

    Looks like Merit is preferred unanimously... I guess I can't help but agree. I do like the virtue connection a lot, and the Egyptian "first woman of science" connection. Pretty cool namesake in my opinion. I still like Meret (and Marit) but maybe they're just not right for my child.
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    I like Merit better because of pronunciation. I think Meret would be mispronounced a lot. But they're both cute.
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    I seem to be the only one here who much prefers Meret... I think it has more of the elegant sagacity that Rowan has, while Merit feels a bit...brusque? I do like your reasons for liking it, though, and the subtle connection with Sterling.
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    I like Merit better. It has a more feminine look IMO. And I just like it better with your description. Plus Rowan and Merit sound adorable!
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