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Thread: Merit Vs Meret

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    Between the two, Merit. However, I find virtue names a little much to live under, so I overall prefer Maret (MARE-et). I went to school with a girl by that name, and she rocked it.

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    Maret/Marit is another option. They are Scandinavian forms of Mary. It was the other name my mother was considering for me when I was born.
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    Meret is a little confusing to me since I would think to say it mer-ray, though it is more visually appealing to me than Merit, so I'd pick it over Merit.
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    Merit. I like the meaning, and I don't think you'd ever get the correct pronunciation for Meret.
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    I prefer Merit. I feel the pronunciation is much clearer and I love the virtue connotation. I feel the soft beginning of the name balances out the slightly harsher ending making the name flow well (I pronounce it Mare-it like you do). Both names are pretty but I feel Merit is more stand out and fits better with Rowan!
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