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    Middle name for January

    Hi, my boyfriend and I we have a little girl and we need a cute middle name for January.
    We choose the name beacuse our bday is in January and we meet in January, but also we want a romantic middle name.
    But the name have the star with A, C and R.
    I love January Rose. The last name is Harington.
    Please help me.
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    adele or Rosalie

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    Frances Birdie JaneEmmeline Twila Alice Ramona Juniper Monet Esme Helena Mazarine Sibyl Jemima Iris
    Nathaniel Roscoe Wilde Grover Elijah St John Oscar Ignatius Cosmo Robin Hector BarnabyAxel Isidore Sage

    Amy Rosario Atlas Casimir Arianwen Snow Dashiell Roman Celia Lark Jarvis Raphael Eugenie Plum Gwydion Hart Georgia Polly Seymour Kurt Hazel Miranda Wilbur Floyd

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    January Antonia Harington
    January Anastasia Harington
    January Amandine Harington
    January Adela Harington

    January Cecile Harington
    January Cecilia Harington
    January Celestia Harington
    January Cosima Harington
    January Cerise Harington
    January Cassandra Harington
    January Cressida Harington

    January Ramona Harington
    January Rafaella Harington

    I think you should stick with the A and C middle names. The R, in my opinion is a bit to clunky mixed with the Rs in both January and Harington. I would eliminate the four-syllable middles so I'm basically recommending these and then disqualifying them lololol.

    January Amandine
    January Cecilia
    January Cerise

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    I think a short middle would work best, since both the first and last names have so many syllables.

    January Claire
    January Rose
    January Renée
    January Rowan
    January Ash
    January Anais
    January Alice

    I also really like January Paige, if you are willing to break out of the C/R/A.

    I also like the suggestion of Adele!

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