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    Jul 2013
    I definitely plan to find out what Baby Chicken is as soon as I can. Since it will be my first, I just want to feel good about being as prepared as I can be. I want the pinks for a girl and the blues for a boy. While I rather have the items I really need (as opposed to tons of clothes), I still would feel better knowing as much as I can about what to expect when having this baby.
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    Expecting Baby Chicken on February 3, 2014
    It's a boy!
    Rhys Andrew, Milo Andrew, Conrad Henry, or August Henry/August Charles

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    May 2013
    We found out with our first. We are TTC for #2. But we're pretty set on team green for this one.

    We don't have a wonderfully compelling reason to be non-peekers for the upcoming go-around. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer. We just thought, "Wouldn't it be cool..." We also are pretty gender neutral. The nursery I have planned with grays, yellows and accents of white and turquoise doesn't lean towards either sex.
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    I couldn't wait. We found out with this pregnancy as about 11 weeks because I had a MaterniT21 scan run that tests fetal genetics using a sample of my blood. Totally non-invasive to baby.
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    Well I'm not a parent yet, so I can't really answer for myself. But I know when my nephew was born they found out his gender ahead of time simply to give themselves more chance to be prepared - picking out clothes, his name, etc.

    When my turn does come around, SO and I have already agreed that we'd like to keep it a surprise until the big day.


    [formerly nj003]

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    I don't know how it all turns out since this is my first, but we decided not to know the sex.

    1. I like just loving "my baby" for now. I have no desire to paint things pink or blue! There is something kinda magical about having a baby growing inside me that has yet to be defined by its genitalia!
    2. Labor motivation. Despite the reason above, I'm dying to know, of course. I think it will make me anticipate labor in a good way.
    3. I like putting my family and friends through hell!
    4. Despite the current name wars going on in our house, I like the process!

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