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    Hazel, Daphne, Vera, Audrey?

    These are our four finalists for our second girl. Last name Lane. Main concerns:
    DH doesn't love Daphne.
    Hazel, which I love, ends in an "L" and I'm worried about it running into the L of our last name.
    Vera is the only name both DH and I both really like, but Vera Lane sounds like Vera Wang. Is it too noticeable?
    Audrey, which we both like, is so popular.


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    Oh wow. You and I have such a similar taste in names! I love all these names and some are my very favorites. I can't imagine having to choose between them!

    Daphne -- Hmm, with other great choices that you both like, I think this one should be out.
    Hazel -- I know what you mean about them running together. However, the more I say the full name out loud, the more okay I am with it. It is different from two hard sounds like Eric Christiansen. I think L is one of the few letters you can double up and get away with it. So, if you both really like the name, I think you should go for it!
    Vera -- This is a great name! I don't think it sounds too similar and since you both really like it, I think this is the best option! Have you considered pronouncing it veh-ra? This would reduce the similarities between her name and Vera Wang's. Like I said though, I really don't think they are too similar.
    Audrey -- I agree, popularity is a turn-off for me as well.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Lets see:
    Daphne- since DH does not love it I would just scratch it off the list. That is what I do because if there is no way in changing his mind then I would X it out. Keeps things simple for you

    Hazel: I love Hazel it is our front runner name on our list but the double L does bother me. I have to stop before I say your last name. Or it could just be I do not like how my mouth feels when saying it. I like flow and not having my tongue feel tied if that makes sense. That is like with us we can not use any names ending is S or X because the transition into our last name it rough. So I would scratch that one off.

    Vera- I think this is a stunning name. I did not think of Vera Wang at all until you mentioned it. But if it bothers you then I would not use it. Coming from a stranger I did not think of that at all. So maybe knowing that you can keep it as an option?

    Audrey- I have never once met and Audrey. I even worked in a daycare at one point in my life and there was not a single Audrey. I think Audrey Lane sounds stunning. I am not sure of your middle choice but this one stood out to me most. I think it has such class, elegance, and is lovely. I can picture the name on a baby, child and adult. Plus the fact you and Dh both like it is an added bonus.

    Hope this has help
    Rainbow Baby (a boy) Due Early November 2015!

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    Daphne doesn't get my vote. It's good to use a name you both love.

    Hazel and Vera are my favorites of the four! Both are very pretty! I vote for either of them.

    Audrey, too popular for a vote, it's nice to have a name that isn't too popular because it helps with individuality.

    Great picks!

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    I vote for Daphne or Vera.

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