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    Help me brainstorm... middle name for Caroline?

    my husband and I have finally decided on Caroline for our 3rd girl, who is due in a month! But we are totally stuck without a clue of what we would like for a middle name. Our last name starts with an R, three syllables. So, we would like something fairly short for the middle, definitely only 1 or 2 syllables. Our other girls are Elena and Lael (lay-'el) and their middle names are family names: Rhiannon and Erlene, but we're not looking to choose a middle name from family this time. Help me brainstorm some options? Thanks!

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    Caroline is one of my favorite girl's names! Here are some suggestions:

    Caroline Audrey
    Caroline Elise
    Caroline Grace
    Caroline May
    Caroline Maeve
    Caroline Rose
    Caroline Pearl
    Mom to two teens.

    Anna Eloise ~ Caroline Grace ~ Catherine Mae
    Liam David ~ Luke Alexander ~ Patrick James

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    Cora Vivienne ~ Gwyneth Rosalie ~ Fiona Hazel ~ Esme Caroline ~ Zara Penelope ~ Madeleine Vesper ~ Eliza Margot ~ Sylvie Meredith ~ Rhys Donovan ~ Archer Nathaniel ~ Callum Jasper ~ Leo Sebastian ~ Emrys Julian ~ Lucian Matteo ~ Theo Francis ~ Milo Vincent

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