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    Quote Originally Posted by tk. View Post
    I can see why you would think harnesses were cruel if this is the only way you've seen them used. I've never seen anyone use a harness this way on a child. Ever.

    Restraining a child is not "trapping" them if it is for their own safety. My child screams when I put her in her carseat. Should I just let her ride on top of the car because that's where she'd prefer to be? Of course not! As parents, we often have to decide between what is popular and what works for our children to keep them safe. That can be very different from one family to another. Your aunt, however, sounds like she could use some parenting classes. I'm sorry that you had to witness that!

    ETA: You could also consider what strollers are used for. They restrain a child so that the parent can move faster. A harness, on the other hand, is not meant to be used to "walk" a child (as some people might a dog). It's only to keep them from darting away, the parent still should be slowing down to the child's pace and walking with them.
    I've only once or twice actually used the leash part when my son was wearing it and that was just to stop him from moving further from me until I reached him. Most of the time he was either wandering off slightly and I just held the leash to actually give him more freedom or I held his hand and the leash at the same time. I would assume your cousin cries when it's put on because past experiences with it. My son loves to wear his and he isn't a child who likes to be restrained. He hates being buckled into a stroller or car seat but is fine about wearing the leash. I still have only used it twice. Children can't have unlimited freedom. They would hurt themselves. I love letting my kids explore but we have several baby gates in our house because otherwise my daughter would fall right down the steps.
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    I've never used them, but I was visiting my parents last week and we visited the National Aquarium and it was super crowded. I saw a little girl with one and as my arms were worn out from holding hands with my toddler who was constantly pulling on them I was a bit envious.
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    When my son was small, we lived far away from my parents, so we used the "leashes" in airports. He'd get to walk around and get his energy out before we got on the plane, and he thought he was king of the world walking around by himself. I was free to keep track of all the stuff I needed to travel alone with a one-year-old that had to change clothes three times a day, and he was free to use his little legs so he wasn't insane in the plane. Although he only wore it twice before he figured out how to get it off.
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    My son is barely walking yet, but when he gets going I plan on using one - he's rather energetic (to put it mildly) and I have horror images in my mind of him darting out into traffic or something. I don't think they're cruel, it's not like I'll be dragging him along. It's just for my peace of mind knowing I won't have to sprint after him whilst heavily pregnant as he takes off down the street.
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    I tried to use one on my oldest when he was a toddler and he was having none of it! He pulled on it and very quickly figured out how to get it off (but he was also capable of unbuckling the stroller seat belt at that point). So I didn't try it with the others.

    The only time I find myself getting judgemental about leashes/reins/harnesses or any of the other devices we strap our children into are when I see the parent on the phone or Facebook - that kind of thing (and naturally, I assume they do that all the time and aren't just taking a quick, much needed break); however, as the mom of a toddler and older children, you will have opportunities to raise your eyebrows at me when you see me allowing my toddler to eat Fig Newtons out of the container in the grocery cart in an effort to distract her attempts to unbuckle herself, while I talk to my 16 year old daughter on the phone, who is supervising the 12 year old in cleaning her room and the 9 year old in eating something that isn't served through a window! Good luck fellow parents and future parents. Just love them - that's what counts.
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