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    Help! Names honouring beloved characters?

    I have a really strong connection to certain characters, and would love to one day honour those characters in some way in my future children's names. However, most of the characters have pretty intense or even bizarre names, and I'm not sure how to go about it...
    They are:
    1. Dustfinger, from Cornelia Funke's Inkworld trilogy...
    2. Enjolras, from Les Miserables (would consider this as a middle name, but could it possibly work as a first name???)

    Any suggestions?
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    Oh Dustfinger is such a wonderful character! I'm not as much of a fan of Les Mis, so I'll let others discuss that one.



    I'd go with some fire name, since he was a fire-dancer. A name that feels fiery, or means fire, flame, etc. Or, if you're nuts (adventurous?), put Dustfinger in the middle and call him Dusty. Or use Dustin, which is Dustfinger without the f-g-e-r. Perhaps Dustin middle name ends in -ger? Dustin Fire? You could also use Gwin, or Motley (as in Folk).
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    Ooh, I love Les Miz! I agree, Enjolras is a pretty heavy, bizarre name, especially for the US. I could definitely work as a middle name though. I wouldn't use it as a first, but I guess it could work. Maybe you could use the nickname Joel.
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    Why don't you do a Super Search for names that contain "dust"?
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    I remember Dustfinger! Wow, that was a while ago, hah.

    I really like the suggestion of Dustin, honestly can't think of anything else for that at the moment.

    Enjorlas is a great character! I'm still not done with the book, (I've heard soundtracks and seen the recent movie, though) but I hope he has a good part in it! There's a good chance that that isn't his actual name, Wikipedia doesn't say. I think it's totally usable as a first name, and is awesome.
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