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    Tell me if this combo works...

    Hazel Serafina Marie

    Marie is my confirmation name, I know it is not berries style since they think it is over used and a filler but I do like how it is tied to me. I am also hooked on Serafina for some reason but not sure this combo flows so I am turning to the berries!

    Other combos I came up with to include my confirmation name
    Hazel Genevieve Marie- Bf really likes Genevieve but not sure if it works here.
    Hazel Marie Lavinia

    Thanks in advance!
    Rainbow Baby Boy Due November 2015!

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    I think it works and like Marie just fine. I think Hazel Seraphine Marie would also be lovely. I also like Lavinia in combination. You have some lovely options

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    I tried going for Seraphine which I like but my boyfriend said it sounded like a medication so he vetoed it. He comes up with the weirdest descriptions or imagery when it comes to names. Just like how he prefers Serafina because he thinks the PH looks weird. A never ending battle...
    Rainbow Baby Boy Due November 2015!

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    Works. Hazel Serafina Marie is lovely.
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    Hazel Serafina Marie is beautiful.
    Emily // Nineteen // American

    Not loving names at the moment.

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