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    I've always liked the idea of Sonny for any -son ending name. Emmo would be my other option, the O ending makes it sound more masculine (like Milo, Hugo, etc) than Emmy (the -ee ending is much more common for girls, Ellie, Rosie etc)

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    Sonny would get my vote.
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    Have you considered Emrys? Being shorter it might feel less in need of a nickname, although I suppose it's technically the same number of syllables. Well, 2-3 anyway. Nice meaning too. Just a thought since you mentioned Emery.

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    Love the name Emerson. You can just call him E for short! That what I call my friend Ian too!

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    I love the name Emerson on a boy --and ONLY a boys. I hate it on girls. Sounds too masculine and forced.

    I agree that it is one of those solid names that doesn't need a nickname. If you insist on a nickname though, I think "E" is super cool.

    Great name!!

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