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    I know a male Emerson, just turned 30. He pretty much exclusively goes by Emerson, but I have heard his mum call him Eme a couple times.
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    What about just using E as a nickname? I can't think of any other way to shorten Emerson that isn't Emmy and that whirligig hasn't mentioned already.

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    I have always like Sonny as a nickname for an Emerson or anything else ending in -son but that has already been suggested.

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    Yep, Emmy is very girly. I went to school with an Emerson who went by Emmo. That's quite a cool nn

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    I love Emerson! It's such a cool name. Honestly, Sonny seems really cheesy (but there is a regular where I work who goes by Sonny, and he's a bit of a creeper, so that definitely affects how I see Sonny!), and all the other options seem either really girly (Emmy, Emma, Emer--Emer (EE-muhr) is an Irish girls' name, I believe) or really unnecessary (Emery takes just as much effort to say as Emerson does!). If you're really brave, I think you could get away with Emerson nn Emmy, but since Emerson skewers feminine in a lot of minds, anyway, I think Emmy would seal the deal. I would find something like Emilio nn Emmy or Emmett nn Emmy more usable, personally. Although I've come across the idea of Alexander nn Allie, and I have to say, I think that's pretty adorable. I've never really thought of Emmy on a boy before--probably because I've loved Emmeline nn Emmy for a girl so long. I do like the idea of it, though!

    Good luck!
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