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    Nicknames for Emerson? (boy)

    I rather like the name Emerson for a boy, but what about nicknames? I LOVE Emmy, but to me it too girly! With so many names crossing gender these days, does that make sense? To still like Emerson for a boy but find Emmy absolutely feminine?

    I am aware of Emery, but I am not nuts about it.

    Am I crazy?

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    It seems like the name of someone to be taken seriously...not the type to use a nickname.

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    I think what you said makes complete sense, and I agree that Emerson is a good boy name, but Emmy is definitely feminine. As rkrd said, you really don't even need a nickname with Emerson, it is a great name all on its own.

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    I think Emmy would be adorable on a little boy, actually. If you don't like Emmy, I would call him Emerson in full or use a nickname unrelated to his name.
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