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  • Zoe

    62 50.41%
  • Zara

    52 42.28%
  • Zora

    17 13.82%
  • Xanthe

    38 30.89%
  • None

    6 4.88%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Zoe! Zelie is next in line, than Zara. I just wish Zoe wasn't so popular.
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    I like Zoe best from your list.I also like Zelda.

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    I'm also a fan of Zahra and Zadie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountains_and_miro View Post
    I'm also a fan of Zahra and Zadie!
    Me too! My cat's name is Zadie.
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    Zephyr it's my favourite! But I wouldn't name my child like that. In fact, the only name from your list that I would use on a child is Zoe. It used to be my absolute favourite until around a year ago (totally didn't expect it to be so popular and well-known!), it still holds a special position in my heart <3 and I think it's the most common name I would consider using. I also voted Zora because it sounds pretty - but I had no clue this name actually has a meaning. If I heard it on the street I'd think "just a random match of pretty sounds".
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