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Thread: Few thoughs

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    Few thoughs

    what do you think of these combos for a girl...
    It's not too long.

    I would appreciate every response, even negative ones.

    Elena Melusine
    Rosalind Melusine
    Freya Elise
    Leda Elodie
    Esme Melusine
    Arcadia Melody
    Eliza Cecily
    Eva Rosalind
    Elodie Mabel
    Ava Daphne
    Eliza Mabel

    No suggestions, please.
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    I like Elena Melisine and Ava Daphne. Beautiful names.
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    Just one person? Would appreciate more opinions, even negative ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorceress View Post
    Just one person? Would appreciate more opinions, even negative ones.
    I totally agree! I hate when I post a new thread, and then it gets dumped all the way to the bottom, when other threads have 20-30 replies.

    I really love Eva Rosalind and Eliza Cecily. I think they both work beautifully together. Eliza Mabel is also nice, but I feel as if there's something missing. Eva Rosalind is stunning.

    Best of luck
    Best regards; Julia

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    I would rate them base to 10

    Elena Melusine :9/10 I love it, Elena is beautiful and I like how you paired with the unusual Melusine
    Rosalind Melusine :7/10 Rosalind is stunning but pairing with Melusine is too long for me
    Freya Elise :5/10 Freya is a nice name, not my
    favorite although and I dnot like it with Elise
    Leda Elodie :4/10 my least favorite combo, I dont like the repeated d.
    Esme Melusine :7/10 ok combo
    Arcadia Melody :9/10 so beautiful!! My favorite!
    Eliza Cecily :7/10 I love Eliza but not with Cecily
    Eva Rosalind :9/10 stunning!!
    Elodie Mabel :5/10 nice names separate not good together
    Ava Daphne :8/10 beautiful combo
    Eliza Mabel :8/10 better than Eliza Cecily
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