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    Unhappy Am I the only one that hates the name....

    Am I the only one that hates the name Duke? It reminds me of "Dookey" you know, slang for crap basically. I've always hated it and i guess I'm a bit biased. I was wondering if anyone else had these same feelings about the name or if you like Duke, why do you like it? (I'm not being judgmental I'd just like an outside opinion)
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    Maybe they're just Green Day fans and love the Dookie connotations? It's not my style either. I spent years caring for a horse named Duke, so to me he will forever remain an elderly palomino.

    I did a double take when I saw your sig, by the way; Ernest and Lowell are two of my frontrunners.

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    I also think it is awful. It sounds too close to dookie, dude, doof, douche. I think it is more of a pet's name. Also, I think built-in title names are kind of sad, and definitely tacky. Princess, Queen, and Majesty are not okay, so why would Duke be? Just my opinion, though. I was somewhat surprised in previous threads to see quite a few berries like it. Meh, everyone has their own preferences...
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    It's not terrible. I'd be happy to meet a Duke in real life. However, I would never personally use it.

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    To me, it's a dog name! Actually, my first thought is of Duke Kahanamoku, the Hawaiian surfer. I think it's an okay name, but there was recently an Australian couple who had trouble registering their child as Duke because it's a title.
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