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    Quote Originally Posted by yreynolds View Post

    Now, I might not name a dark haired child "Summer" or a blue eyed blonde kid "Hazel" but that's just me.
    Haha! I always wonder if my best friend's mom realized that she was named her (super blond/blue eyed) daughter a name that meant "dark haired"!

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    Agree with everyone else! I think it would be nice if you are able to honor where they are from, whether that be keeping their birth name as middle, honoring birth parent, or just a culturally apropos name. I think the middle is the perfect place to put that. Like a pp said, you want them to fit in with your family and your culture bc that will be their family and culture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bom2014 View Post
    Haha! I always wonder if my best friend's mom realized that she was named her (super blond/blue eyed) daughter a name that meant "dark haired"!
    My daughter was born with dark brown/almost black hair, and now has strawberry-blonde curls. Babies change! Especially their eyes. It's silly to say you can't name a girl without hazel eyes Hazel because if you wanted to be sure of her eye color, you'd have to wait until her first birthday to name her!

    Anyway, on topic, I think any child can have pretty much any name. They grow into their name and their name grows into them. I don't think anything is off-limits because of the child's race/skin color.

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    I think it is good that you are keeping at least part of his / her original name. Here is my input on your list.

    Matilda - Fine. Does bring to mind the movie, but still a nice name.
    Naomi - It feels dated to me.
    Clementine - Very feminine and cute.
    Elouise - Pretty, but not my favorite.
    Mahalia - Sounds a bit exotic / foreign.
    Emmeline - Love this name.
    Louisa - Dated.
    Magnolia - I like it. Maggy for short.
    Beatrice - Bee for short...even better than Maggy.
    Mirabelle - Too many "Belle" variations right now. Mira is nice though.
    Annika - A little odd, but not terrible.
    Evelyn - Classic name.
    Rebecca - I don't like it.
    Cecelia - Good.
    Eleanor - Nora for short. Cute take on a classic name.
    Coretta - I like Cora better.


    Merritt - Reminds me of the hotel, but otherwise sounds nice.
    Simon - Alright. I always think of 7th Heaven.
    Noble - It's strong...maybe too strong.
    Jericho - Not a fan.
    Malachi - Children of the corn.
    Louis - My definite favorite on your boy list. Strong.
    Zion - I just don't like this at all. I saw a boy named that yesterday oddly enough.
    Judah - Not sure about this one.
    Israel - Better than Zion.
    Marvel - Comics.

    Overall, I like your girl list better than the boys, though that is just my opinion. If you want to go for a biblical name, I prefer going a little bit more traditional (Luke, Peter, Noah, Abel, Asher, Elijah, Moses, Gabriel, Abraham, Matthias, Jonah, etc.)
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    I think Naomi works for any race. Mahalia, Annika, Malachi, and Coretta sound like AA to me. The rest sound like white names. I think Zion sounds ridiculous and I don't like Merritt noble Jericho or Marvel either. Just because it sounds like a certain race doesn't mean you can't pick for a different race.

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