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    Didn't quite get this far in Catholicism, but for the name part of it I think Bernadette goes really well with your name, even if it is a tad over-the-top. Therese is a much more modest choice (name style wise) and flows just as well; 'Gemma' is too close to the 'Becca' in your first name for it to work for me though.

    Unfortunately, I'm not well-versed in saints; I was not a very attentive Catholic. Hope I helped out anyway.
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    Why don't you look at this Catholic saints site? It's a pretty good resource to help with names and more importantly gives a brief biography of them.

    Saints & Angels - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online
    * 5 easy ways to judge a baby name

    * 21 other baby name rules worth following

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    Mine is Charity.

    I'm not a practicing Catholic anymore though, I now attend a non-denominational church, so I have no cause to use it these days.
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    Welcome to Catholicism! It is very hard picking a confirmation Saint. I picked St. Thérèse for myself, and my mother picked St. Bernadette, so of course I love them both. And St. Gemma was great too : ) Someone else already mentioned St. Eulalia (I just discovered her). I would like to add, by the way, that you can pick both male and female Saints, it's not restricted to your specific gender. My sister picked St. Sebastian.
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