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    I love Isla Wren. My niece is an Isla. So I just love the name anyways.

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    I love Isla Wren .Judson not so much .I prefer Jude .
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    Isla Wren is so beautiful! Don't like Judson coz to me sounds and looks made up

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    Isla Wren is really beautiful. Judson is okay, but I really like Jude. Isla and Jude sound good together.

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    Isla Wren flows well but since both names have four letters each it doesn't look as good written out on the page. If your surname is longer then that shouldn't be an issue. Jude is a fine name and has much more appeal than Judson. You hit the hammer on the nail when you said Judd nn Dud because I think that's where the direction of the teasing will go if you choose Judson (Dud, Mud, Thud etc...). The name is heavy and clunky and also reminds me of the TV show "The Jetsons" so it sounds a bit cartoonish for a first name.
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