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    I love Sybbie and also like Billie! I find Sybil a bit too short and harsh sounding, but love Sybilla and Sybella - they sound more feminine and modern to me!

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    I went to school with a Sibyl and always thought it was an awful, ugly name! It grew on me slightly after watching Downton Abbey, but I still don't really like it.
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    I adore Sybil so much. Seeing Downton Abbey definitely changed my opinion. She was my favourite character. I just think it's such a sweet name. I'm not a fan of Sybil Hannah but only because of a girl I went to school with named Hannah. I like Hana though but it doesn't look good with Sybil.

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    Name is OK, but prefer more frillier Sybilla.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tawnysaurus View Post
    I'm 33 and I'm haunted by that movie too (they rerun it a lot!). Kind of a shame, because I loved the Downton character
    This film character and her multiple personalities was a sham. The fraud was discussed in the book "Sybil Exposed" by Debbie Nathan which was published in 2011. I think Sybil is a wonderful name with a mythological pedigree and vintage charm. I love the name Hannah but the "l" in Sybil runs into Hannah.
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