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    Could you suggest some names for me please??

    Looking for a just in case, back-up name. Can you please suggest some names ( first and middle if its not too much bother ) that sound good or " flow " well with my last name? Thanks everyone, it is very much appreciated. Last name - Waye.

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    Sad that you need a new name ,Sawyer is wonderful

    Some suggestions (do you need a unisex ?)
    if so ,how about :

    Presley Grace Waye
    Rowan Jane Waye
    Lennox Waye
    Spencer Grace Waye
    Alexis Waye
    Aubrey Waye
    Cameron Waye
    Rilee Waye
    Avery Hope Waye
    Hadley Grace Waye

    if not ,how about
    Isabel Waye
    Alice Waye
    Arabella Waye
    Eva Waye
    Lilian / Lily Waye
    Rose Waye
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    As of right now we are still planning on Sawyer Grace. It just seemed like a good idea to come up with a back-up name, where we were having so much trouble with deciding to use it. So just in case something else happens that discourages us from using it, i'd like to have a plan B ready !!

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    A lot of names will sound good with your last name! The only things I would stay away from are one syllable names and W names. Some suggestions:
    Ella Waye
    Clara Waye
    Addison Waye
    Lilia Waye
    Lydia Waye
    Sylvia Waye
    Olivia Waye
    Eleanor Waye
    Amelia Waye
    Payton Waye
    Ava Waye

    Carter Waye
    Jackson Waye
    Emmett Waye
    Oliver Waye
    Carson Waye
    Theodore Waye
    Harrison Waye
    Declan Waye
    Dexter Waye
    Parker Waye
    Tyler Waye
    Austin Waye
    Thomas Waye

    So much more too! I hope this helped!

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    I really hope that you go with Sawyer Grace! If you love it, don't let any bullies discourage you from using it! It's about what you and your husband want for your daughter and I think that Sawyer Grace would be so cute on a sweet little girl! If you really do decide to go in a different direction what about:

    Scarlett - similar to Sawyer(?) but indisputably a girls name.
    Rosalie - this was on another of your lists and gets my vote, after Sawyer of course.
    Caroline - another one that was on your lists. Caroline Waye sounds sweet.
    Sasha - another unisex one, but to me it's feminine. Sasha Grace Waye?
    Serena - Maybe Serena Lorraine or Serena Elizabeth.
    Sophie - if you can get past the popularity factor.


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