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    Quote Originally Posted by sparrowfinch View Post
    Although I would never name my child a name like that, it's fine with me if they spell it however they want as long as they aren't rude about it. Having grown up with a tough-to-pronounce last name, I'm used to correcting people or letting it slide. I've told some of the funnier pronunciations as faux-annoyed stories, but I would never be rude to someone because they couldn't pronounce a name they'd never seen before.

    The price for pushing the envelope is raised eyebrows, so if you want your name to be "new," "unpopular," or "unusual," you HAVE to realize that means unfamiliarity for people and that they are going to mispronounce.
    I agree with this completely! My last name is Nguyen, so I'm used to having to spell it out and people giving me confused looks when they learn that "win" is an acceptable pronunciation because they wouldn't expect that from the Ng beginning(or any part of the name really).

    I may not understand why someone chooses to use Leigh vs.Ley (for names like Riley or Hailey) , or name a daughter Peishens, but its his or her decision and I respect it. I don't mind unisex names, but I do agree that it's unfair to berate someone for not immediately knowing if their child is a boy or a girl(especially if it's something like James, and not an established unisex name like Rowan or Riley). Coming from someone who had a clearly girl name, but whose mom had to put her in dresses because strangers thought that I was a boy for the first year or so because of my lack of hair, I kind of understand. My mom would get frustrated, but would politely correct people.

    I think with anything, it's important to be understanding and not immediately rude. Thankfully, all of the Caitlins/Kaitlins/Kaitlyns and Haileys/Haleys/Hayleys I know are always patient and understanding when someone isn't sure which variation to use, but still. My name is Susan, a name that doesn't even have a bunch of spelling variations, yet it's been pronounced Suzanne often, and spelled Suzanne, Susin, and Suezen by others.
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    I know several kids of Asian descent, who are very polite in correcting their names (as well as their parents). They understand that their name is part of their culture, but not mainstream in America.

    My mom is a preschool teacher, and she tells me stories of interesting names. She once had a delightful girl named Addisn (yes, without the 'o'). She assumed it was a typo and wrote 'Addison' on the girls' cubby. The mother was pretty irritated at my mom's 'incompetence' at accepting 'foreign' names. I have no further comment.
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