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    What do you think of these names?

    I've been pondering some new names that I've come across and I was wondering what you guys thought!

    Eviana - does this seem made up?
    Annevieve - I think this is really nice, but i think i may like Genevieve better
    Maelie - is Miley better?
    Saoirse - is the pn for this too difficult?
    Remy - is this too much of a boy's name?
    Linden - I cant decide if this is better for a boy or girl. For a girl you get the cute nn lindy, but i also think it is nice for a boy. I really dislike the spelling Lyndon

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    Eviana - It kind of sounds made up, mixed with a little bit of Evian (the water)
    Annevieve - I, too, like Genevieve better. Would you pronounce it French (Ann-vee-ev)?
    Briette - This one sounds more made up to me than Eviana.
    Maelie - I like this spelling way better than Miley. Thought of this one for a long time, but it would get mispronounced a lot!
    Everly - Like it. However, Channing Tatum had to use it for his daughter!
    Viola - NMS
    Kensley - This one seems like it is trying too hard, with the ken from McKenzie et all and the ley from the trendy names.
    Livia - Like it, good alternative to Olivia with Liv as a possible nickname.
    Bay - Short, seeing it a lot around here lately. Nickname for something else?
    Saoirse - Definitely not going to pronounce this right! I wouldn't advise.
    Remy - All boy for me. However, Romy and Demi are possible alternatives?
    Linden - Love this name! Just discovered it recently, and I love it on a girl!
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    Eviana - just not really a fan, sorry.
    Annevieve - doesn't compare to my love for Genevieve. Maybe okay as a middle.
    Briette - not a big fan of it. Sounds a little made up for my taste.
    Maelie - I would pronounce this as May-lee. If you like Miley what about Maille?
    Everly - this one falls under guilty pleasure for me. I like it but it's just too trendy for me.
    Viola - This seems to be pretty popular on nameberry, but it's not my favorite. I prefer Violet.
    Kensley - Too much like the Kinsley/Kinley/Mckinley trend for me.
    Livia - I like this one. Since Olivia is so popular, why not? Liv is a cute nickname.
    Bay - absolutely love this one! I like it as a middle though, rather than a first.
    Saoirse - love the sound of this, but unless you live in Ireland, or only associate with other name nerds, it'll never be pronounced right.
    Remy - I've only heard it on girls so for me it's feminine, but I'm not crazy about it on either gender.
    Linden - And this I've only heard on boys, so I prefer it that way.

    My top three: Bay, Livia, Saoirse - but only somewhere it would be pronounced correctly.


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    Evianna : sound made up sorry
    Annevieve :Genevieve is way better imo
    Briette :not a fan
    Maelie k name , not a big fan
    Everly : i really like the name but i dont know why prefer the Everleigh spelling
    Viola : prefer Violet
    Kensley : not a fan
    Livia : prefer Olivia
    Bay : this one is stunning !
    Saoirse : i love it !
    Remy : i love this a nn
    Linden : I ont like it because it has the nn Linda which i dislike
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    Eviana - prefer evanna. Eviana sounds like its made up
    Annevieve - prefer Genevieve
    Briette sounds made up
    Maelie - don't like it. Prefer Miley but would never use it.
    Everly too trendy. Makes me think of Channing tatums daughter.
    Viola cute
    Kensley Too trendy
    Livia Love this one! It's so cute but still workd well on an adult.
    Bay a bit too bland for my taste. Makes me think of a horse.
    Saoirse - I love this name though many will have a difficult time pronouncing it.
    Remy - good as a nickname for either gender but doesn't really work ad a formal name in my opinion
    Linden - I really like it on both genders. It's a nice name.

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