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    I think these name combos sound the best together.


    1 Oliver Michael Wright
    2 Felix Michael Wright
    2 Caleb Michael Wright


    1 Fiona Lynn Wright
    2 Tessa Lyn Wright
    All the best,

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    Oliver – Definitely a great name, but the popularity stand out. I’m not a fan of Gavin and Oliver
    Caleb – Great name, not sure I like it with Gavin
    Elijah – “Elijah Michael” doesn’t flow right to me
    Huxley – Comes off as very trendy and falls flat next to Gavin
    LiamLiam Michael Wright sounds so memorable and put together
    Felix – I don’t like it with Gavin all to much
    Elias – See Elijah, though Elijah sounds better than Elias.

    Overall I’d go with Liam, Caleb or Oliver

    Tessa – I would LOVE to see a little baby Tessa, but Tessa Lynn just sounds so clashy and “low class” (simply because it merges together and makes “Tessalynn”
    Norah – I like Nora and Gavin a lot more than Norah and Gavin. Norah Lynn kind of has the same problem as Tessa
    FionaLove it!
    Aubrey – You have much much better options on your list
    Arianna – I like this one too!
    Keira – Same issue with Tessa and Norah

    So, I’d go with Fiona, Arianna or Nora

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    With Gavin I like Oliver or Elijah the best!

    And for girls I like Tessa by a long shot. Second choice would be maybe...Norah? They're all nice names, but Gavin and Tessa just sounds so sweet together that the rest just don't compare for me.


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    I really like Liam Michael Wright. Caleb and Oliver are nice too.

    My favorite from the girl's list is Fiona Lynn Wright, but also like Norah a lot.

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    Boys...I like Felix Michael, Liam Michael and Caleb Michael most from your list. Of the two, I think Gavin & Caleb "go" best.

    Girls...your list is lovely! The only 2 I'm NOT fond of are Aubrey and Arianna...only because I don't think they compliment Gavin's name well. My FAVOURITE with Lynn in the middle is Tessa (Fiona is a close second...but oh! I love Norah and Keira are so pretty too!). Gavin & Tessa are lovely together!

    Good luck!

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