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    Opinions on Lacianna

    What do you think of Lacianna (lacy-ann-uh)? I think it's pretty, and very girly, but not necessarily useable, especially for me as I have used the Laciana (lacy-are-nah) version for my jewellery business LacianaEarrings on Etsy (All publicity is good publicity!!!)
    What do you think?
    Ellie xx
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    I think it is good as a business name, but not for a child as it does sound a bit kree8iv.

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    While it does not personally appeal to my styles, I could see some instances where it would.

    1) Someone likes the name, Lacy / Laci, but feels that it is too insubstantial on its own
    2) Someone looking for a less common -ana name
    3) Someone looking for something less common than Lucianna / Luciana

    That said, both versions make very pretty business names.
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    Luciana is already established, classic.

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    Luciana is gorgeous! Love it... Lacianna, honestly, I just don't care for.. it does look made up to me..
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