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    Boys names have been hard for me lately! I don't know if I'll have a top ten but right now I'm really loving:

    Gale - I know everyone might not love this on a boy but I think of it as such a strong, powerful name, especially since Hunger Games, plus it fits right into my nature name sweet spot!
    August - So handsome! Love the idea of Gus as a nickname.
    Sylvan - This name slowly snuck up on me and now I can't shake it! I love his sister Sylvie as well!
    Sayer - Love the sound of this name, but prefer to keep him in the middle spot.
    Abel - Another middle. I love the sound of this name, but I'm not huge on it's religious connotations.
    Atlas - Yet another middle! Such a strong name.
    Lucian - Beautiful name, beautiful meaning.

    Not sure there are any other boys names that I feel as strongly about as these 7 right at the moment.
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