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Thread: Moriah

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    Thoughts on Moriah on a boy?

    I know it's usually used on girls, but I figured with the popularity of -iah names for boys and the usage of boys names on girls, I could work!

    What do you think? Maybe too close to Mariah?

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    A country where we get weather that people complain about a lot.
    Since it's a place name, I guess it could work. I've always generally seen place names and surnames as unisex. However, it might be mispelled as Mariah a lot.

    If you wanted to get the same sound and Biblical connotation but not get it confused with Moriah, how about Mordecai?
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    Till now, I actually thought Moriah was a boy name.
    I think it's pretty different from Mariah, which is obviously a female name.
    Moriah would work fine with a boy, just go for it
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    I've never considered Moriah on a boy, honestly. I think a lot of people would mistake it for Mariah.
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    I can see it work.
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